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changing a background

MNPhotoStudios takes particular attention to making the backgrounds look realistic and authentic. A good subject extraction is not enough... the color, luminosity, depth of field and positioning of the elements or backgrounds need to match holistically in order for the image to look right!

Color & Exposure Adjustment

Mistakes happen every once in a while, especially when one uses the manual setting in the camera. With the right tools and technique, the hidden information embedded in the file can be accessed and applied to the image in question.

Putting Images Together,

The Making Of A Hero Shot

It's almost impossible to come up with the perfect image in one single shot. That's why sometimes is worth taking many shots and later put them together as one.

Architectural Work

When it comes to shooting the perfect picture of a beautiful space, it's very hard to adjust the lighting and color of all the different areas of the place in one single shot. Shooting different exposures and later put them all together is the best approach. It involves skilled work to accomplish the perfect look and feel.

Make Sure Your Image Looks Great Before Posting It!

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