It's Beautiful Outside! Summer is finally here. Let's Shoot Some Great Photos Of The Family Outdoors

As all Chicago winters, the last one was very cold too. Not only that, the Corona Virus made a grand entrance into our country last January and unfortunately it came to stay.

Lots of fear and uncertainty filled our hearts and our lives got changed forever.

The economy came to a halt. The unemployment rate raised to levels not seen since the great depression and over 100,000 people have died from this nasty virus.

I would love to say that this is a thing of the past already, but unfortunately people are still dying and getting sick by the hundreds every day.

We need to understand the fact that we need to keep going... We are not done yet, we're still alive and most of us thank goodness are healthy and in good spirits. There's a long way till we adjust and learn to live with the virus.

Life goes on regardless of what is going on around us. For expecting mothers, their pregnancy did not stop because the virus came. Babies and toddlers did not stop growing because of the

virus and these precious moments come and go so fast that by the time we realized their importance, they are gone!

As a parent myself, I have lived fully and enjoyed all the beautiful moments I have shared with my 3-year-old daughter. One of the very things I've done the most is to capture in photos and videos every stage of my daughter's growth since she was a newborn. As a professional photographer, I know how important photos are to remind us of the beauty of life.

In an effort to bring change and some joy, we want to invite everybody to join us OUTSIDE... yes, you read it right... OUTSIDE your home, your apartment on weekends to shoot the best photos of you and your family. We guarantee you will have lots of fun while we capture timeless, amazing moments of you and your family having a blast in the park.

Let us transcend fear and uncertainty and learn to coexist with this virus. Let's take all the necessary precautions to keep us and our families safe and best of all, let's live life with respect, love and care for others!

CLICK_HERE if you want to join our movement to bring change to our community, one photo at a time!


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